About Us

Marc and Carol love their doggies but don’t want them in the house all the time!

We have been looking for dog kennels with a difference for a long time – something from sustainable source, which was really important to us. Following Wilfie’s and Charlie’s early morning walk – they go outside for a few hours. They have to keep them warm in winter but cool in summer and look nice in our garden. We live in a small village near Winchcombe and the workshop is in Herefordshire. We are surrounded by many honey coloured stone houses – so we wanted something in keeping with where we live, but also will last for years and not fall apart after two years like our previous ones. We have found the solution! Beautifully crafted, hand-made bespoke dog (or cat!) kennels that are lovingly made with a feel of fun and creativity.

Everyone who sees the kennels, immediately smile! We loved them so much, we decided that everyone should have one! We strive to provide quality and affordable products along with great customer service. Our kennels are built with care, love and attention and can also be made to your specifications so please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.

About Our Products

We take pride in our high standard of workmanship, and nothing other than this will leave our workshop. Every piece of our dog kennels are handmade to order by us in the UK. We also provide a bespoke service. Using premium English Oak and Sweet Chestnut as the wonky tiles are nailed into place using stainless steel, copper or bronze nails. If a mild steel nail was used this would have an adverse effect with the natural tannins in the wood. The roof tiles are clefted in the same way each time but because of the way the natural grain travels, some tiles will vary in widths and thickness giving the roof even more of a wonky and Disney effect! The beauty of the natural grain shining through provides even more of a rustic and unique character to every dog kennel we make. Sweet chestnut will last for many years on the roof. They do not need a wood preserver as they contain natural tannins in the wood. Some Church spires have chestnut shingles that date back over 200 years.

The legs are made of Sweet chestnut, thick 18mm ply flooring, 12mm Sweet Chestnut cladding all around the kennel. Insulation, breathable damp proof membrane. 5mm Ply lined inside walls, insulated roof with wonky hand made sweet chestnut and English Oak roofing shingles.

The products are weather tight and will keep your doggies dry. We will provide a warranty for no roof leaking for two years.